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Karnataka tourist places

Karnataka’s geology and terrain make it an ideal destination for a wide range of fascinating tourist attractions and landmarks. Karnataka, which is nestled between the Western Ghats, the Deccan Plateau, and the Kannad Coast, is home to a diverse range of forests, beaches, waterfalls, coffee plantations, lakes, and other natural wonders.

A number of historically significant monuments can also be found in the state.

1. Bangalore – The City of Diverse Existence

Bangalore, the capital city, is at the top of the list for the right reasons. Bangalore is India’s most cosmopolitan city. It’s a melting pot of people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and skillsets. It is the information technology center of the world, with a large number of software, hardware, and telecommunications companies providing services to clients all over the world.

The primary attractions in Bangalore, also known as the garden city, include Bannerghatta Park, Lalbag Garden, Tipu Sultan Palace, Wonder La Theme Park, Aerospace Museum, and VidhanaSoudha, to name a few.

This city is a popular summer vacation destination due to its beautiful weather throughout the year.

Traveling to this city is easiest done by train to Bangalore Railway Station or by plane to Bengaluru International Airport.


2. Bandipur National Park – In Harmony with Nature

In Bandipur National Park, get as near to the natural animals as possible. Animal lovers who wish to be immersed in the sights and sounds of the forest will find this a perfect sanctuary.

The national park’s Tiger Reserve and Bird Sanctuary are must-sees. The reserve’s diverse wildlife and plants will have you coming back for more. It’s ideal for a day picnic. Elephants spotted deer, and antelopes are some of the animals that may be seen here.

This attraction is around 80 kilometers from the Mysore train station and approximately 220 kilometers from the airport.


3. Coorg – Queer but Captivating

Coorg is one of the most beautiful and least congested hill stations in India. Its picturesque attractiveness is enhanced by its natural and luxuriant vegetation. It’s a great place to visit throughout the summer.

Aromatic coffee farms, beautiful waterfalls, lush mountains, and spectacular vistas abound in Coorg. The Tibetan Monastery is another one-of-a-kind sight in Coorg.

Tourists may hike through coffee plantations, through riverbanks, and along mountain beautiful routes. For any purchasing needs, there is a local market.

Mangalore train station is 106 kilometers away, and the airport is 250 kilometers away.


4. Hampi – An Architectural Marvel

According to UNESCO, Hampi is a world heritage site. The historical remnants and relics of the Vijayanagar empire may be seen on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. The talent and expertise of the craftsmen of the past may be seen in the carvings of rocks and stones. It is the ideal tourist destination for history buffs.

In Hampi, there are 500 beautiful buildings, each with its unique tale.

The closest airport to Hampi is Hubli, which is approximately 74 kilometers away.


5. Mysore – City of Old World Charm

Mysore is the second-largest city in Karnataka and one of the oldest. It was the former capital of the Mysore monarchs, who controlled the kingdom for centuries until the twentieth century.

Mysore is one of the few cities in India that has managed to keep its old-world beauty. In Mysore, there are many magnificent palaces, museums, temples, and towering historical buildings to admire. One of Mysore’s most popular attractions is the enchanting Brindavan Gardens. Mysore is approximately 184 kilometers from the Bangalore airport.


6. Shivanasamudra Falls – Nature’s Fury and Peace

The Shivanasamudra waterfalls in Karnataka’s Mandya district are a spectacular sight to see, especially during the monsoon season. This is a segmented waterfall, with Gaganachukki and Bharachukki streams running parallel to one other. Swimming is not permitted in the canyon due to its depth, although tourists can bathe in the section where the water pressure is lower.

The Shivanasamudra falls are around 175 kilometers from Bangalore airport and 80 kilometers from the Mysore station.


7. Gokarna – Tranquility at its Best

Gokarna is a tiny and sparsely inhabited town in Karnataka’s north Kannad district. Due of its tranquil atmosphere, this is usually on travelers’ “to-go” lists. Gokarna entices visitors with its beautiful beaches and religious monuments.

A visit to the famed Mahabaleshwara temple and a study of its rich history will be a highlight of your vacation to Gokarna.

Kudle Beach, Om Beach, and Gokarna Beach are three popular but peaceful beaches in Gokarna. Any of these beaches offers tranquil sands and exciting water sports.

The Vasco Da Gama airport is 150 kilometers away, while the Karwar train station is 60 kilometers away.


8. Belur and Halebidu – The Majestic Temple Towns

The former capital of the Hoysala empire, Belur, is located on the banks of the Yagachi river. Due to the town’s long and illustrious past, it is home to a number of temples featuring magnificent architecture and well-carved sculptures.

Chennakesava Temple is the most well-known temple in this area, with massive pillars, exquisite carvings, and life-size statues.

Belur is around 25 kilometers from the Mangalore airport, which is 170 kilometers away.

In the Karnataka district of Hassan, Halebidu is located. The main temple was constructed to honor Vishnuvardhana and Shantala Devi, the monarch and queen. The view of two hills on opposing sides that look to be two bulls and a Ganesh image on the southern side is breathtaking from the temple. The Mughal Empire destroyed the city, earning it the moniker “Halebidu,” which translates to “city in ruins.”

Belur is 6 kilometers away, while Hassan is 30 kilometers.


9. Jog Falls – Will leave you Spellbound!

Jog Falls, at roughly 850 feet above sea level, is India’s second-highest waterfall. It’s a sight to behold, the segmented falls.

There are steps leading up to the viewpoint where you may take in the breathtaking vista of one of nature’s most magnificent creations. The sight and sound of the Jog Falls provide tourists with a peaceful and restful experience.

Jog Falls is around 28 kilometers from Sagar Station, while Hubli Airport is about 130 kilometers distant.


10. Dandeli – Get set for Adventure

Dandeli has risen in popularity as a tourist destination during the last several years. It is a popular adventure destination due to its steep topography, which is ideal for hiking, as well as its lush green woods and diverse fauna. Dandeli is the ideal bundle for adrenaline junkies.

Dandeli’s River Kali provides boating and kayaking opportunities.

Dandeli is around 55 kilometers from Hubli airport.

11. Udupi –Taste of Authentic Karnataka

Udupi, located near Mangalore and wedged between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, is famed for two things: temples and food. Devotees travel from all over the world to see the magnificent Sri Krishna temple at Udupi. There’s also a Shiva temple here that’s almost a century old.

The moniker “Udupi Cuisine” has become synonymous with delectable south Indian cuisine with a distinct Udupi flavor among food enthusiasts.

Udupi is 60 kilometers from Mangalore International Airport and has its own railway station, the Udupi Rail Station.

12. Nandi Hills –Reach the Zenith of Beauty

The Nandi Hills, situated east of Bangalore, are home to beautiful lakes, ageless monuments, temples, and postcard-like vistas from the hilltops.

The chilly, foggy weather of this highland resort is its most appealing feature, transporting visitors to a different world away from the monotony and bustle of cities.

Nandi Hills is approximately an hour’s drive from Bengaluru airport.

13. Chitradurga Fort – A Fortified Marvel

This magnificent structure, located near Chitradurga, is an ancient marvel. This fort is historically significant since it has been in existence since the Chalukyas ruled.

The terrain around this fort is ornamented with a tall hill with a valley vista from its top.

This location is approximately 200 kilometers from Chitradurga Rail Station and Bengaluru Airport.

Nandi Hills is approximately an hour’s drive from Bengaluru airport.

14. Bijapur – Bask in Royalty

Bijapur is the place to visit if you want a taste of royalty on your trip to Karnataka. Bijapur depicts the culture and way of life of the Islamic dynasty that once ruled the city. Mosques, palaces, mausoleums, and other structures may be seen.

Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur Fort, and Gagan Mahal are some of the most well-known buildings in the area.

Bijapur has its own railway station, and Belgaum International Airport is approximately 160 kilometers distant.

You now have many reasons to visit Karnataka on your next trip. Begin your trip by checking off each of the following places one by one. You will not be disappointed, we guarantee it.

15. Chikmagalur – Never-ending Fun

Chikmagalur is a peaceful and beautiful hill station with lots of things to see and do. Trekking on one of the beautiful Western Ghats’ hills is a popular activity here. Kudremukh wildlife sanctuary, verdant Mullayanagari tea plantations, Hebbe waterfall, the beautiful Baba Budan Giri mountains, Bhadra wildlife park, and many other attractions can be found in Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur offers a diverse range of activities. You may go kayaking or participate in other water activities at Chikmagalur Lake. You may take a safari ride through the Bhadra sanctuary’s Tiger Reserve or go hiking through the beautiful green tea plantations.

By car, Chikmagalur is approximately 4 hours from Bangalore.

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